2019 Recipient – Royal Excellence


Promoting: How have you and/or your organization promoted the importance in the art form of stepping in your community, region, etc.? 

Royal Excellence is a non-profit youth organization established in 2014, with the mission to motivate, educate, and empower our youth through the art of step. We accomplish our mission by promoting the values of teamwork, discipline, and commitment to succeed in stepping and throughout life. We structure our performances and programs to connect with our youth to create a positive impact on their lives.  Our year-round program is committed to excellence and provide members the opportunity to express themselves through the art of step as well as an outlet for friendship, socialization and leadership. Each week, Royal Excellence offers step and dance classes for the kids in the community at little to no cost. Step allows our youth to discover their community heritage, increase their social activity, increase their self-confidence, and reap many health benefits. Having strong social ties contributes to a sense of well-being, positive outlook and improved self-esteem. Many key principles of our step program include creativity and teamwork. Creativity and teamwork are often used to solve local issues and to make a positive difference in the community. Our steppers often experience a strong sense of accomplishment as they learn complex choreographed steps and work together as a unit. Stepping requires members to make split second decisions, to interpret and respond to their teammate’s movements and to memorize routines. Through step, we are laying the foundation to share in the camaraderie, to be healthier, and to strengthen our community.  Recently our team performed at Temple University, Philadelphia Eagles’ Event, Universoul Circus, Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade and other great performing and community service events. In addition, we held a celebration ceremony to show our team that they are appreciated.

Educating: How have you and/or your organization educated your community about the art form of stepping? Has this led to more community involvement and awareness?

As the Founder of Royal Excellence, I view step as one of the most powerful dance forms and believe that more kids show know move about it and be exposed to the importance of step. Being on our step team teaches our youth many life skills such as team building, time management, discipline, hard work, dedication, commitment and the importance of education. Royal Excellence teaches not only step, but also the power of education and the importance of serving others. The organization mandates that each member maintain a “B” or better and complete at least 4 community service events annually. We partner with parents, teachers, schools, and community organizations to ensure every member has the advocacy and resources they need to thrive.  Royal Excellence Step Team not only provide performing arts opportunities, we also offer nurturing mentoring workshops and guidance services to help them realize the potential that already exists in them, help them activate it and teach them what it takes to be successful. Through practical approach, we have been able to help teens and young adults to build self-confidence in several ways. Students engage in activities that help them to learn self-awareness, time management, decision making, problem solving, effective communication, and financial management. They also get to work in teams, making it possible for them to acquire positive reinforcement as they apply these skills within their team.

Enhancing: Describe the significance of you and/or your organization’s accomplishments in relation to stepping? How have such efforts in the step community improved the lives of others? (Include information on the size of the community touched by the individual(s) and the frequency with which you or your organization interact(s) with this population)

We believe in the potential that exists in each student and they all have the intelligence, creativity, and determination to achieve EXCELLENCE. We strongly focus our efforts to cultivate, nurture, and inspire every single one of them. In addition, our program offers support services including soft skills training, college readiness, job readiness, and tutoring services. As if that isn’t enough, our support services also cover providing emergency and comfort items for children, teens, and young adults in need. We know that if we can focus on the young generation and help them to achieve their dreams, we can change the world.