2019 Recipient – Order My Steps

Promoting: How have you and/or your organization promoted the importance in the art form of stepping in your community, region, etc.? 

Order My Steps has promoted stepping by getting involved in the community. Our goal is to unite our students, parents, schools and communities together. Recently, we have went to Walmart and Trunk or Treat to promote our organization. We also have a Parent Academy coming up which will be another opportunity to promote to our community.

Educating: How have you and/or your organization educated your community about the art form of stepping? Has this led to more community involvement and awareness?

Order My Steps has educated people on stepping by using it to inspire, empower and motivate students. Most of the students have never heard of or seen stepping before. It is something we introduce to them as a different art form. Therefore, we use community events as exposure to inform more people about who we are and what we do. We currently have two upcoming performances in the month of November.  With promoting and educating, we have definitely gained more community involvement. We get more opportunities to perform and more students interested in taking our classes. In addition, we are in two schools in the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District.

Enhancing: Describe the significance of you and/or your organization’s accomplishments in relation to stepping? How have such efforts in the step community improved the lives of others? (Include information on the size of the community touched by the individual(s) and the frequency with which you or your organization interact(s) with this population)

Order My Steps primarily works with low income students. Each school or class meets once a week for an hour. During this time, all students start the practice off with a warm-up which teaches students even if you get tired in life, you must keep going. After warm-ups, they recite their positive formations which teaches them that no matter where they can go in life, they are destined for greatness.  According to our support system (students, parents, teachers, and community members), there has been a significant change in the students who are a part of our program. Students have said they have a sense of belonging. Parents have seen their child come out of their shell and build confidence in themselves. Teachers have seen students exhibit better behavior and put effort into making good grades. The community have seen students having fun and doing something productive.  Stepping, for us, is truly making a positive impact on our students.