WOS Master Class - Feb 2020

Choreographer Khalid Freeman

Body Percussion


The one-on-one session with Choreographer Khalid Freeman will teach you the 2nd part of 3 beats to create a unique choreography for your performances. His usage of his body as a percussion will allow you to feel the music and realize the power of sound.


Khalid Freeman is one of the world’s most electrifying and innovative steppers and has performed in all 50 US states, 46 countries on 17 world tours as a professional dancer, teacher and choreographer. He has been spreading the art form and culture of African American Greek style stepping and is considered an ambassador and pioneer for the future of this style. Khalid was also inducted into the Art of Stepping Hall of Fame for his continuing efforts and devotion to the craft he loves so much. Born and raised in Detroit Michigan his Mom was a DJ and his Dad was a drummer so he grew up around Motown music as a kid. Khalid found his inner rhythm through the absence of a drum even though his father is a professional drummer, he never gave him a drum set of his own so he learned how to make his body his instrument, mimicking his dad at band practice and creating sounds on his body. Yes that created a monster! His mom was the dancer of the family so he picked that up along the way too. He was never formally taught music until he went to a music college in Cypress California with the Young Americans Organization.

Stepping is his first love. He learned how to step when he was 16 and feel in love with the tradition and although he’s not Greek or part of the Divine Nine he was taught by an Alpha and was the captain of his high school step team. Back then the only reference he had to the culture was in the Spike Lee movie called School Daze or shows like “A different world”, “Fresh Prince of bel air” and on the NAACP awards show so when the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha inc came to his school he never put it down since then. Khalid is now the choreographer of Molodi, one of the only professional companies dedicated to the art form of African America Greek Style Stepping and creator and CEO of Soul Clap Fitness. A dance fitness program “Where YOU become the MUSIC” that brings body percussion to the fitness world using stomps, claps and polyrhythms set to Soul music of the 60s, 70s and 80s. Can you dig it? Credits include: Cirque Du Soleil. Beatles LOVE in Las Vegas (2 years) as a lead character Sugar Plum and Michael Jackson the Immortal world tour as a lead character The Fanatic (4 years) Broadway. Khalid performed 9 years with the OFF broadway show STOMP which he says is the most fun and challenging show ever. He was also part of the original cast of Stomp Out Loud in Las Vegas at Planet Hollywood. Khalid was also part of the Theta Nu Theta fraternity in the smash hit movie Stomp The Yard. Other Credits include: Step Afrika, Super Bowl 50 Halftime show, Dancing with the Stars, X-Factor, LXD, Australias Next Top Model, Young Americans tour, Closing ceremony of the European Olympic Games, Gap, Red Bull, X-Factor, Eminem, MC Hammer, Rob Base, Billy Lynn’s long halftime walk, Cinemascoppa and Illusia show in Turkey and MORE. Khalid understands that giving back is his duty to this art form and you will see him teaching and spreading his gift around the world.

For more information visit www.WorldofStep.com

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