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3rd Annual Live WOSA 2021| The Artists Awards

The Grand Finale that celebrates the world’s artistic merit & international recognition of excellence in the Step Industry as assessed by WOS Professional Judges and the voting membership at Closing Ceremonies with a live IG Show!

2021 WOS

International Convention & Competition Month

On the road since February, WOS has hosted regional competitions around the world celebrating all styles of step, as defined by using your body as an instrument to create sound. Competitors competed in: Haka, Step, Zapateo Peruano, Irish Stepping, Strolling, Hip Hop, Choreography, Drill Team, Open.

From 9 countries and over 60+ performances, we are excited to announce launch of WOS Convention Month!

WOS Regional Champions

WOS United States – Click here for full results!

Solo/Duet Trio
1st Place – Art of Stepping
2nd Place – Art of Stepping/Swagg Boiz
3rd Place – Art of Stepping/Soldiers in Christ

Small Groups
1st – Art of Stepping
2nd – Art of Stepping/ CRJ Step Team
3rd – Art of Stepping/ Kush Family

Large Groups
1st – I Am Strong DC
2nd – SWAGG Boiz/ Art of Stepping
3rd – League of Extraordinary Steppers

WOS Peru – Click here for full results!

Solo/Duet Trio – 17 & Under
1st Place – Soldiers in Christ
2nd Place – Art of Stepping
3rd Place – Art of Stepping

Solo/Duet Trio – 17 & Over
1st Place – Yaya Stepaholic
2nd Place – Yaya Stepaholic/ Gabriel Izquierdo
3rd Place – Strategic Steppers of Power

Small Groups
1st – CRJ Step Team/ Art of Stepping
2nd – I Am Strong DC/ Art of Stepping
3rd – I Am Strong DC/ TNT Fraternidad/Yorkville Stepping Foxes

Large Groups
1st Place – Step Lord/ I Am Strong DC/ SWAGG Boiz
2nd Place – League of Extraordinary Steppers/ I Am Strong DC
3rd Place – Da B.R.A.N.D./ Art of Stepping

WOS West Africa – Click here for full results!

Solo/Duet Trio – 17 & Under
1st Place – Art of Stepping
2nd Place – Memphis Omega Lamplighters
3rd Place – Swagg Boiz/ Soldiers in Christ

Solo/Duet Trio – 17 & Over
1st Place – Strategic Steppers of Power
2nd Place – Yaya Stepaholic
3rd Place – Black Hulk/ Yaya Stepaholic

Small Groups – 17 & Under
1st – CRJ Step Team
2nd –  Art of Stepping
3rd – Blue Ice Step Team

Small Groups – 17 & Over
1st – Step Lord
2nd –  Fraternidad TNT
3rd – Kush Family / Grupo ABC

Large Groups
1st Place – I AM Strong DC
2nd Place –  League of Extraordinary Steppers/ Art of Stepping
3rd Place – DA B.R.A.N.D

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All performances will go head to head each week leading up to Battle Week.

Top performances  from each week will compete head to head on Battle Week!

1st COMP

May 3 – May 7

New entries – Completed!

2nd COMP

May 10 – May 14

Adjudicated Winners- Completed!

3rd COMP

May 17 – May 21

Top Ranking teams from WOS Regionals compete!

Battle Week/ WOSA

May 24 – May 28

All top ranking teams from each week go head to head with winners announced on finale award show, WOSA hosted by King Leo & Remo!

WOS Convention – Week 3: Battle Week – The Finale

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