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WOS, created in 2016, is a dance/artistic community & movement that holds events, competitions, regional workshops and educational conventions annually and bi-annually. WOS allows for all those in attendance (physically and virtually online) the opportunity to experience and celebrate all that the Art of Stepping (AOS)  and its partners have to offer. Various activities exist, but not limited to, educational workshops, artistic/step performances, meet & greets with celebrity judges and more! WOS is powered & operated in partnership with the World of Step Alliance, which is a group of organizations committed to the advancement of the art form of step.

About United States of America!

Stepping has always been an art form that we believe surpasses all art forms as you use your body to create sound. You become the instrument that helps guide the story line and the choreography. Throughout the many decades there has been many influences to stepping however we have never had the opportunity to have a world that celebrates it has mainstream is still unsure where we fit in. This is why we decided to create a space within the dance world to celebrate the innovators, change-makers, and highlight methods of teaching, all to embrace and celebrate the world of step. Our approach is quite clear: We are a MOVEMENT!

In 2016, WOS Alliance  launched the first-ever WORLD OF STEP! The event kicked off with regional invitations leading up to the International Competition to be held in the “capital of the world” NEW YORK CITY.

Our Focus

  • Educational Platform– Provide an educational platform where individuals can learn about various styles of stepping and techniques that can help continue to build the art form through our online Master Classes and Regional Workshops across the country.
  • Open Network– Create an open space for those who want to learn, grow and create in the art form to do so in an open space with no need for experience only open to growing.
  • Celebratory Convention – Host an annual convention every two years where we celebrate, promote and showcase the various performers and artist who have given to the art form of step. The Convention weekend will also feature award presentations and launches to the innovative products now used for stepping.

WOS Alliance

What makes the World of Step Alliance so unique, is that we have like minded individuals working together collectively in ensuring that the members of the community can learn, grow and create opportunities to continue the passion of step full time.


Manhattan, New York (USA)

Saturday, January 22, 2022

Divisions: Hip Hop, Step, Strolling, Tap
Levels: Beginners (3 years less), Inter./Adv. (3 years +)
Categories : Solo(1), Duo(1), Trio (3), Small Groups (4-9), Large Groups (9+)

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