WOS Mission

World of Step was founded on the principles that all people no matter their race, gender, pending status and age should be able to enjoy their love of step in any capacity. Our mission is to focus on providing an international platform on the art, culture, history and impact of the art form of stepping. By creating this platform, it will allow those that live and breath step to show those interested that anything is possible and this particular art form is dominating, engaging and life-changing.

Entity is owned and operated by Art of Stepping which  is a privately-owned corporation. The legal entity name is Remo System Inc., where Art of Stepping (AOS) is the d/b/a “doing business as”.   The company was founded in 2006 and operates effectively & efficiently with minimal resources. We ensure our “human capital”, our most valued asset, always meets the needs our clients and participants. AOS embraces an open communication platform with the hopes of creating a more user-centric workforce structure that embraces the ideas of diversity, practicality, voluntarism and egalitarianism. The latter structure helps AOS ensure all those who work with us and request our services understand exactly who we are, what we do and how we do it.