WOS Partners

Why Not Care, INC is a 501c3 non-profit organization geared towards providing beneficial resources for the homeless, the disenfranchised, everyday people, or businesses and community organizations that are in need of supplemental assistance. From the distribution of Care Packs filled with everyday essentials for homeless and unfortunate individuals, to providing creative and educational services for our partnering organizations – Why Not Care is essentially a dedicated network of people who are able and willing to offer their resources and services to help others who are in need.

The National Stepping Association(NSA), the recognized national umbrella organization for competitive stepping and professional judge training since early 1990’s,is dedicated to improving the art form. Since its establishment it has worked diligently in creating national standards and terminology for stepping – so that it can be taught and judged consistently nationwide. In order to support such efforts, the NSA host various  workshops and hands-on training for individuals to familiarize themselves with key elements. For more information visit: http://www.nsastep.org

PUSH28 LLC, Web Studios is located in Northern New Jersey. Founded on the principals of Community, Culture and Creativity, we strive to effect change on the world by conceptualizing our thoughts into visuals. Collaborating with local acts, we’ve established a network of web shows catering to all facets of our culture. All of our web shows are shot by a team of professional videographers, produced by experienced writers and critiqued by culture collectors. Discover local artists, brands, ambassadors and social media stars and enjoy original series scripted and directed by us, the culture. For more information visit: www.Push28.Tv

AOS is a privately held educational services firm that provides curriculum, educational & enrichment STEA  M focused programs under the Remo & AOS brands, developed by our founder Jessica “Remo” Saul.  AOS programs are award winning, copyrighted & trademarked. AOS programs combine Arts, Mathematics & Technology all in one! AOS programs mainly help academicians, educators, parents and program participants get excited about STEAM learning by teaching them how to create & perform their own personalized Step/Dance choreography through written codes in mathematical connotation with the help of our educational AOS Beta mobile app. AOS has taken learning the Arts to a new level by giving it a new language! AOS is the only program that does this, making us the expert! Go to www.ArtofStepping.com for more information.

Our partners are dedicated in helping us to ensure that there is a platform for the art form of stepping as it continues to evolve throughout the years. If you are interested in becoming a partner please visit the contact page.